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Salty Lemon Collective

Fresh Lemons straight off the tree
Of an East London University
Planting our roots in the film industry


We create (animated) shorts and experimental clips. We strive to bring an entertaining experience to our viewers by fostering our individual approaches and a collaborative mindset.

Meet the Lemons

We met at University, sharing the same course and while creating our own individual work, we helped each other to overcome challenges and crisis. We realised quickly, that we want to stay involved in each others lives, with a strong desire to continue collaborating, even when our time at uni is up.


Bailey Dickenson

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Photoshop Expert, Graphic Design, Concept Art and Character Design


John Dunbar

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Story Teller and
Film Expert,
TV Paint expert


Ella McKenzie

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Creative Consultant

Fine Artist,
Life model and Animator


Sophie-Kristin Siebert

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Animator, Media Design, Workflow Mechanic


Pavel Spasov

  • pavelspasovlinkedin

Animate Expert, particle enthusiast and colour clasher

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